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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Industry hopes pulp machine will boost coffee production

coffee pulp-removing machines and roofing materials

coffee pulp-removing machines and roofing materials

COFFEE farmers in Eastern Highlands will receive coffee pulp-removing machines and roofing materials, according to the Coffee Industry Corporation.

Farmers will be charged five per cent less of the total cost for the hand-pulpers as an initiative to help farmers increase production of quality coffee.
The machines which can be used by hand were launched last week at the Okapa station witnessed by coffee farmers and their families.
Coffee grower Ronah Moses thanked the CIC-PPAP for the hand pulpers, coffee pruning tools and training in areas such as gender equality, family business and leadership.

“The coffee pulpers will remove the stones from women’s hands,” Moses said.

Women in the Okapa District normally use stones to remove the pulp of the coffee.

Moses also said a good road system from Okapa to Goroka was needed to help farmers.

Fairtrade Premium and Coffee Connections also gave 12 sheets of roofing irons to 160 farmers from the eight groups.

PPAP manager Potaisa Hombunaka said they met Okapa MP Saki Hacky Soloma last October to build a 12.9 km road linking Yasubi to Takai or Purosa in Okapa.

The road will serve around 10,000 farmers in the area. Tenders for construction will be put out this month, he said.